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Genimen Pharmacon is an Indian based biotech company developing a natural and unique nutritional ingredient from kiwifruit. Genimen Pharmacon stands for bioactive compounds from fruits as the word Genimen means Fruit / the Product whereas Pharmacon means biologically active substance.

Genimen Pharmacon was formed by young Entrepreneurs who share a common belief that as much as it is important in healing people it is equally important in preventing the disease. The most significant idea which gave birth to Genimen was to work with products which can have significant effects on human health.

Genimen Pharmacon focuses on cardiovascular disease (CVD) as it is the number one cause of deaths throughout the world.

Genimen Pharmacon is the only company in India that holds KFE license.

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Professional’s Viewpoint

About the Scientist

Dr. Asim Duttaroy, (www.asimduttaroy.com) who is the inventor of the product and based in Oslo is in the scientific advisory board of Genimen. He is a globally recognized expert in the field of nutrition research. Professor Duttaroy is currently Group Leader of Chronic Disease at the University of Oslo's Faculty of Medicine, and he is the editor in chief of the international peer reviewed journal Food & Nutrition Research.

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