Management Team

Dr. Asim Duttaroy, ( who is the inventor of the product and based in Oslo is in the scientific advisory board of Genimen. He is a globally recognized expert in the field of nutrition research. Professor Duttaroy is currently Group Leader of Chronic Disease at the University of Oslo's Faculty of Medicine, and he is the editor in chief of the international peer reviewed journal Food & Nutrition Research. His scientific work has been published in over 175 original contributions, reviews, book, and editorials. He owns several international patents. His discoveries of anti-thrombotic factors in tomatoes and kiwifruits are patented internationally and 2 companies, Provexis Limited ( in UK, and IDIA AS ( in Norway are established to commercialize these discoveries.

Dr. Mayukh Sardar is an experienced doctor by profession. He has an expert insight in the kind of products Genimen Pharmacon works with. Mayukh is holding a post-doctoral degree from the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Mayukh's ardent passion has let him become an entrepreneur with Genimen Pharmacon. Mayukh is very focused with his work. He is a very enthusiastic person and a very good listener. Mayukh is very rational with his approach. Mayukh's experience in his field of work and the kind of person he is has helped Genimen Pharmacon to make its footprint in the Biotech Industry.

Aniruddha Som is one of the pillars of Genimen Pharmacon. He has started his career being an entrepreneur in the field of Information Technology. Genimen Pharmacon has been very fortunate in tapping the expertise of Aniruddha through his entrepreneurship skills and abilities. He is very specific in his requirements and knows exactly what the company requires at a specific point. Aniruddha holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications. Aniruddha is a board member of Genimen Pharmacon in the capacity of Digital Marketing and IT compliance. Genimen Pharmacon wouldn't be possible without his involvements. He makes a brilliant team player.

Gaurav Dutta A dynamic entrepreneur and goal-driven executive. He approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving and measured risk-taking thus helping Genimen Pharmacon to expand in every sphere of its domain. Exploring new opportunities, knowing new potential customers and marketing are his strongest areas.

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