What is Genactin ?

GENACTIN is a patented and scientifically proven natural product of Genimen Pharmacon which was specially isolated by Professor Asim Duttaroy at the University of Oslo consisting of specific fractions of the kiwifruit. The extract is composed of a multitude of small water-soluble molecules that contribute to the desired bioactivity. The bioactivities include reducing angiotensin converting enzyme and platelet aggregation response, those are responsible for lowering blood pressure and improving circulation.


a) The size of molecules in the active fraction is less than 1000 Da.
b) The active fraction is substantially heat stable.
c) The active fraction is substantially colourless.
d) The active fraction substantially comprises water soluble compounds.


Flexibility in usage as a dietary supplement or food & beverage ingredient. The fractions are provided in as a liquid, a syrup, a powder, a paste, an emulsion, a pelleted composition, a granulated composition, an encapsulated composition, a suspension, a concentrate, a solution, and a lozenge.

Thus when taken every day in recommended dose it maintains a constant healthy blood flow. Since it is highly stable and water soluble thus it an ideal ingredient in a vast array of foods, beverages and supplements for consumers who want to maintain a healthy blood flow without medication.

Mechanism Of Action

1) It acts as an anti hypertensive by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme.
2) It maintains healthy blood flow through its anti platelet action.


Healthy platelet aggregation is maintained. Platelets become less active after consuming a food, beverage or dietary supplement containing GENACTIN. Daily consumption of GENACTIN stabilizes blood pressure in pre-hypertensive individuals while not causing any decrease of blood pressure in healthy subjects. No side effects have been reported; no adverse effects, no allergic reactions observed.

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