Why Genactin ?

A healthy heart is essential for healthy life. However according to WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION 17.7 million people die each year from heart diseases, an estimated 31% of all death worldwide. The debilitating and often fatal complications of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are usually seen in middle-aged or elderly men and women. However, atherosclerosis – the main pathological process in which deposits of fatty material called plaque build up inside the walls of arteries thus reducing or completely blocking blood flow there by leading to coronary artery disease, cerebral artery disease and peripheral artery disease. This phenomenon begins early in life and progresses gradually through adolescence and early adulthood (15–17). It is usually asymptomatic for a long period.

WHO recommends that if blood pressure was reduced by 10–15 mmHg (systolic) and 5–8 mmHg (diastolic) and blood cholesterol by about 20% through combined treatment with anti-hypertensives and statins, then cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality would be reduced by up to 50%.

Number of people with hypertension is expected to see a quantum leap from an estimated 118.2 million in 2000 to 213.5 million in 2025. The projected forgone National Income for India due to Heart disease, Stroke and Diabetes during the period 2005 to 2015 is estimated to be more than USD 200 Billion.

These facts clearly reveal that CVD is the most lethal disease in terms of morbidity, mortality and productivity and social cost in India. Wendell Berry said “People are fed by the food Industry which pays no attention to health, and treated by the health Industry which pays no attention to food”. Genimen Pharmacon acknowledges the fact and since "Prevention is better than cure” ended up signing the KFE License with the noble intension of preventing people from developing CVD.

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